Tatsuya - 2019-03-29

Dear all.

I am trying to connect RaspberryPi(installed CODESYS 3) to PLC using EtherNet / IP.
In this system, PLC is a scanner and RaspberryPI is an adapter.

I was able to connect PLC and RaspberryPi by Forward_Open command.
However, I could not get RaspberryPi's data using ExplicitMessage, and I got an error response.
(General Status code : 0x14 => "Attribute not supported")
When I checked the command output from the PLC, "Logical Format" was "16-bit logical value".

I want to connect PLC to RaspberryPi with "16-bit logical value". Do I need to make any configuration changes?

When I conducted a communication test using two RaspberryPi (one scanner + one adapter), data was successfully acquired."Logical Format" was "8-bit logical value" when communication was successful.

Could you help me this problem ?
Thank you.

【Explicit Message data】
- Service Code : 0x0E (Get_Attribute_Single) - Class ID : 16#01 (Identity Object) - Instance ID : 16#01 - Attribute ID : 16#05 (Status)
【CODESYS Information】
- Raspberry Pi : Target Version - Ethernet device : Version: - EtherNet/IP Adapter : Version:

IMG: WireShark data.png