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"Invalid Value" for Variables at Runtime

  • bwayt - 2021-09-08

    Hello again!
    Previously I had written a simple program that write to a register and reads from it. It works beautifully. Now, I am trying to expand upon that and write a program that sets up the buffer board's mode, then continuously reads the encoder value from the 'CNTR' register.
    Unfortunately, now there isn't even a clock signal; and, when I go online, all values (except for constants) show as '???' (invalid value). My guess is that there's an issue with how I set up the Task Configuration, but I can't be sure. Can anyone offer some direction?
    I'll continue researching this and update if I find anything.

  • bwayt - 2021-09-08

    The clock signal issue was due to the SPI default speed of 1.25 MHz(!); I have changed it to 1000 Hz and I can now see the clock signal perfectly. The oscilloscope also showed me that MOSI was sending bytes 0x88, 0x03 then 0x90, 0x00: the write commands referenced in the setup method.

    I wonder if this program is just never getting past the setup method.


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