Ethernet/Ip Slave

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  • Binarii

    Binarii - 2016-12-05

    tonteria24 hat geschrieben:
    I'm trying also to use the Raspberry as a Ethernet/IP slave with the Ethernet_IP_Adapter,
    I have followed the instructions on this topic and I have installed Edwin eds file, but my adapter has always a yellow triangle.
    Any more suggestions.
    Thamk you so much !

    Hello, do you set up correctly the network eth0/wlan0 ?
    I guess that your problem is due to that!

  • tonteria24

    tonteria24 - 2016-12-05

    Binarii hat geschrieben:
    Hello, do you set up correctly the network eth0/wlan0 ?
    I guess that your problem is due to that!

    Thank you, the network interface was correctly set to wlan0.

    I have found a solution, if I add an "Ethernet/IP Scanner" device under the "Ethernet/IP Adapter" at the same level then both work correctly with green circle.

  • yannickasselin1

    yannickasselin1 - 2019-04-04

    I just tested the communication between a CompactLogix and a Raspberry Pi using EtherNet/IP adapter and it works fine! As long as you use the mapped tags in the Codesys program. If the communication tags are mapped to some program tags but are not used in the program, they won't update.

    I have a question regarding the "Export EDS File..." button. I used it to create an EDS file which I used in the CompactLogix and it works. But I wonder why it will always create BYTES. Even if I configured my communication to be 2 DWord Input Module and 2 DWord Output Module, it will create 8 SINT inputs and 8 SINT outputs in the CompactLogix. Is there a way to change the EDS file so that it creates 2 DINT inputs and 2 DINT outputs?

    Also, when using "Big Input Module" and "Big Output Module", is it possible to change the size? For exemple if I want to use 80 Bytes IN and 80 Bytes Out it would be faster to create a Big Input and Big Output Module and then change the size instead of creating 80 Byte Input and 80 Byte Output Modules.

    Thank you.

  • Arthur Kowalski

    Arthur Kowalski - 2019-04-05


    may I know which version of CODESYS you are using? We had some problems with data creation in earlier versions, but it was years ago.

    I have some questions about your status. Have the parameters been created correctly in the EDS file? Can you upload a screenshot with the behavior?
    If the data is correct in the EDS file, then the problem is probably on the scanner side.

    To the modules: At the moment it is not possible to change the size dynamically. We already have plans to improve the module so that it is easier to handle. Until then there is the possibility to work with Copy and Paste to generate Modules quicker.

    best regards

  • polishglider

    polishglider - 2019-06-12

    Hello all.

    I try to read tags in my compactlogix witch CoDeSys on Raspberry PI. I search in all sides but don't know how to do that. I want to read TAGs in PLC without modify his program.

    First, CoDeSys dont want to eat the CompactLogix EDS file. So I try to modify it with EZ_EDS. After that, CoDeSys accept the file.

    Then, I found an Excel Macro which can read tags in EthernetIP. With WIRESHARK I saw what going on when i launch the macro.

    I also tried a Python script which can read / write / list all tags of my PLC.

    The Excel Macro read in Server mode, but CoDeSys read in Client mode ... When I change the EDS file, I force it in Server mode, but the request is in Class 1 instead of class 3.

    I'm loosing my mind.

    The PATH in wireshark of the excel file is: 01 00 20 02 24 01. So i Write the same in CoDeSys, and i saw it in the wireshark of RPI Request.
    But the problem is that in the WireShark of Excel, I saw the request in ANSI Symbol ... not in the RPI Request. because the Foward Open Request is in error.

    Yannick, Can you send me your project to understant what's happened ?

    Thank you so much.

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