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Command "Create Boot Application" is missing a configuration file for AC_Persistence manager

  • jorge - 2023-07-03

    Hi there,
    we are using the "Create Boot Application" to create images of our projects to install it offline via USB drive on our controller. By packing the output of that command (mainly the file application.app and additional files for target visu) we are able to update our device without connecting to the IDE or internet.
    Now we want to use the persistent manager of Application Composer, but it looks like one important configuration file is not created by this process: If I upload the project to the PLC with the IDE (online login), I find the file /var/lib/codesys/PlcLogic/ac_persistence/ConfigData/Application_PersistenceChannel.txt on the controller and persistence is working. If I use the command "Create Boot Application" this file does not exist in the artifacts of the command.
    How can I create this file without using the IDE to directly deploy to the device?
    Idealy I would like to use the python script interface to automize this.
    Any ideas what I may doing wrong here?
    I am using CDS 3.5 SP18 Patch 2 with Application Composer for ARM

  • jorge - 2023-07-25

    For all hwho are looking at the same thing: A direct support request turned out that this seems to be a known issue and should be fixed in SP20


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