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Simultaneous users in WebVisu

  • nitroboy

    nitroboy - 2021-09-21

    i have a strange problem with webisu clients, If I have more than one client connected the visualisation is not independent, it switches frames if either user makes an input.

    i tried making two WebVisus with different staring visu's but still not working
    CurrentVisu variable is unchecked.

    Also when I login as an user on one client then it jumps between users, because the other client is not logged in.

    I didn't find any solutions to this in this forum, any help would be appreciated.

  • sgronchi

    sgronchi - 2021-09-21

    I thik you activated "Use CurrentVisu variable" in Visualization Manager. This synchronizes all the visualizations.

  • nitroboy

    nitroboy - 2021-09-21

    As I wrote in the first post, I have the CurrentVisu Variable Disabled...
    But i'm suspecting the PLC didn't take the change, can I disable it in the program?


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