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Showing an boolean input with a lamp

  • pomdas

    pomdas - 2020-03-05

    I am quite new to Codesys and now I am trying my first tiny examples with it. My problem should be simple to solve, but I did not find a solution, yet. I have some boolean inputs connected to a physical switch connected with a PROFINET module from Murr. I can watch the boolean signals in a variable table and see that they change corresponding to the physical switch. Now I created a visualization, put a lamp on it and assigned the boolean input to it, but the lamp is not illuminating. The boolean variable is still changing its state. What might I do wrong?

  • jeffersonhui

    jeffersonhui - 2020-03-05

    Hi, pomdas,

    Do you have the boolean variable in the lamp Properties -> Position -> "Variable" text box? It should be in the highlighted textbox in my attached lamp.png image. If it still does not work, can you attach a screenshot?


  • pomdas

    pomdas - 2020-03-06

    Hi Jefferson,

    yes, I have inserted this. Attached you find the assignment and the setup of the raspberry.



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