Alarm Management - latched variable represented as Text list

  • macros8 - 2023-09-06

    Hi all,

    in Alarm management you can latch some variable to show value within the alarm msg. It´s very useful sometime.
    But I´m wondering whether there is any possibility to represent that value as Text list. It´s quite common in other HMI tools and this is very useful in case of using some ErrorID for detail specification of error.

    Unfortunately I could not find any way how to do it but I believe that exists :)

    Thanks a lot.

  • snhatton - 2023-09-18

    Hi There,

    For my understanding: are you trying to display the contents of a text list in an alarm message based on the id?

    For example, you could maintain a text list of common alarm messages, and then display based on which message is true?

    • macros8 - 2023-11-07

      Hi, I haven´t noticed you put the comment here.

      I thing it´s a bit different. What I want is to have detail errors of technology in data type e.g. INT. This variable I would latch to the corresponding error msg but I would like to get it convert to text from the text list and not keep it in INT form.


      Main error
      Valve Error:
      1 - Both sensors
      2 - Not retracted in time
      3 - Not pulled out in time

      In HMI
      Main error + latch SubErrors => "Valve Error: Both sensors"

      The benefit is that text lists are part of translation and can be easily manipulated. I know I can create whole string msg in PLC but then, it lose advantage of Alarm management.

      Thanks. M.


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