Webvisu special characters showing as "?"

  • AGB

    AGB - 2019-12-15

    Hi all

    After update from to I have seen a strange behaviour that ü,ö,ä and oder special characters are showed and stored as "?" in the string. But only when using "Keyboard" as Default Text Input for Webvisu. When changing to Touchscreen it will take the special characters correctly.
    This behavior I have seen after updates from to any other newer version.
    Selected Language E

    Following didn't help.
    - Fresh Reset (flash orig FW of Wago PFC200) in case there would some leftovers for the visu-webserver.
    - Use Unicodestrings (what ever it does?)

    So far this is not a big issue, I can live without special characters, however still would be nice to get it work proper.

    Thanks a lot

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2020-01-02

    Hello Andy,

    I think this issue should be fixed in SP16.
    Thx for reporting the issue!

    Best regards,

  • mishael

    mishael - 2020-03-17

    Unter Visualization Manager - Einstellungen bitte Unicode-Zeichenfolgen verwenden anhaken.


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