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Change Log History

  • duvanmoreno - 2022-10-24

    Hi fellas,
    We have a program running on the web, I was wondering if you know if there is any way to create a change log history, so that when any of the users make any change in the GUI (change any value, settings,etc.) is shown in a table saying who made it, what time was it and what was changed. thank you

  • ignat - 2022-11-17

    the possible way could be using of EVENT messages for Alarm Logging, but you have to program it all.
    E.g., when you change some value with dialog, you can detect value changing and rise event (or just on dialog opened / dialog closed). And write new message in Alarm Logging (LATCH variable can be used for representation of analog values changed) from plc code.

    read more for about events on codesys help

    to detect 'who made it' you have to write from Visu picture like GVL.wsCurrentUserName := VisuElems.CurrentUserName (but important to make it from picture) to some temp Variable and use it as another LATCH. So it could work for multiple users and multiple webVisu clients system.


    Last edit: ignat 2022-11-17
  • j-zauner - 2022-12-16


    maybe the OnValueChanged event is helpful for this kind of application.
    I think that you can implement a global event listener and pass the current client or the current user and so on.



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