HTML5 Editor Errors

  • bdoramus - 2023-05-23

    I'm trying to open the HTML5 demo's to get a better understanding of how to program a custom HTML5 control, and I cannot open any of the demo files in the HTML5 Control Editor.

    I am met with **"The type initializer for '3S.CoDeSys.DeviceObject.DeviceObject' threw an exception. Do you want to view the file in your default editor?"
    which then opens in the browser. Any ideas on how to correct this?

    Also, is there a more robust guide for creating HTML5 controls? The documentation appears to be severely lacking. It does not show what variables are generated from the code and/or how to use them in ElementWrapper.JS, and I cannot open the existing files in the HTML5 Control editor to attempt to reverse engineer them.

  • sedoerr - 2023-05-25

    i think you use SP19?
    then install SP18 Update 5 and use the editor from this version.

    i get the same message if i use SP19. With SP18 you can open it

    • bdoramus - 2023-05-25

      Yes! That cleared it up. Thank you!


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