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Button with "pressed" image

  • matthijs vs

    matthijs vs - 2022-01-19

    Our customer wants every button to have 2 images. (normal and Pressed).
    In addition, most buttons need a "click" event, which the Image toggler doesn't have.

    I cannot find any way this can be achieved.

    • If we use an image toggler: we cannot open a dialog or execute ST code.
    • if we use a button: we cannot have rounded corners or 2 images
    • if we use an image toggler with invisible input on top: we need a temp variable..

    an option would be to have a square/rounded rectangle styled like a button. can we change the border-color without inbetween variable? like

    ^this.border ?= 16#ff0000



    Last edit: matthijs vs 2022-01-19
  • matthijs vs

    matthijs vs - 2022-01-27

    Many thanks, this seems to work.
    Dank je wel Tim!


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