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Witch library?

  • jegerjon - 2023-08-15

    Anyone know witch library I can find the style of objects in attached image?

  • Fless

    Fless - 2023-08-15

    standard installation - white style
    included in SP7 , SP8, SP9, SP12, SP14 and SP16 not sure about later service packs

    • jegerjon - 2023-08-15

      Thank you, looks much better and saved me a hole lot of time making objects I am happy withπŸ‘

  • jickisticki - 2023-08-15

    Crafting my Fellowship Personal Statement was like weaving the threads of my aspirations into a tapestry of words. Each sentence became a brushstroke, painting a vivid portrait of my journey and ambitions. Beyond being just a document, it became a mirror reflecting the depth of my experiences. Like a conductor guiding an orchestra, my personal statement was composed to resonate with my unique voice. In the realm of specialized opportunities, this statement serves as a compass, guiding me toward the next chapter of my professional growth. With each word, I felt the guidance of mentors shaping my story into an eloquent narrative.


    Last edit: jickisticki 2023-08-17

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