Wbm/runtime and visualization login

  • rafael - 2024-06-25

    Hello everyone,

    I’m trying to understand if it is this way or I can change it.

    I’m making a PLC code and visualization screens, the ideia is to operate via webvisu some controls. So i made a code, made some screens and when i try it in my web browser, first it asks me to insert te user and password of the wbm/runtime of the plc (user: admin, password: wago by default), then i can acess my screens but I have to login again with the user and password that i created in the visualization user managment.

    My question is: is there a way to disable this first login to the visualization screens (webvisu)? Or create another user/password for this first screen?

    I have a PFC200 and a Edge Controller, both are working the same way.

    Thanks in advance


  • rafael - 2024-06-25

    Solved, there is a configuration inside the WBM where I can disable this login option (config>ports config)


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