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Issue with WebVisu on Raspberry PI

  • mani-i4point0 - 2024-03-20

    I am running Codesys Runtime by purchasing 'Codesys control for raspberry pi MC SL',
    I am trying to use the Variables from my GVL's.
    Few of the variables used as a Pushbutton form the Visualization.
    These 'BOOL' Variable getting unlatched automatically even though there is no write function in the Overall project.
    All of them are 'Read' functions, at the same time few other BOOL variable behaviors are seems to be fine.
    I have tried, clean all and download, serval time restarted the hardware.

    Happy to share any any information.

    Your input to resolve this issue would be highly appriciated.

    Version Details:
    codesyscontrol, armhf codesyscontrol based on SDK

  • mani-i4point0 - 2024-04-10


    Any insights highly appreciated.

    Was wondering , Is this issue related to License ?

    The License I have is 'Codesys Control for Raspberry PI MC SL'

    Or is this issue related to any Memory ?

    kindly refer to the attached images for the License and memory.

    Any suggestions highly appreciated.


  • r-niedermayer

    r-niedermayer - 2024-04-11

    Regarding to your application:
    When clicking in the web visualization, the boolean variable will be tapped for both buttons.
    The LED in the web visualization lights up as long as the variable is true
    The used variables should come from the GVL, ad/or thePLC_Prg.

    We see no difference or problem in both projects:
    You have created a visuelement Push button a a tapper, that is supposed to control the variable in this way as expected.

    This is also reflected (switching Bool from false to true) in the program code, as well as in the (GVL declared) variables.

    Wherever the misunderstanding comes from: no, this is not memory or license related.
    Our best guess: it is probably more of an applicative/conceptual implementation.


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