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Password input

  • macros8 - 2023-07-18

    Hi all,

    another question - or rather best-practice you have.

    First question
    I´m trying to implement field for password input. I have used general rectangle with Input event and checked Password.
    It works fine as input but as soon as I want to show my password in field, it´s normally visible text without e.g. * placeholder.

    So I had to write fixed text: *** to the field but is it really only way? Does not textfield or rectangle have property it´s password field and make it automatically?

    Second question:
    Is there way how to define minimum length of input text?

    Thanks a lot.

  • ben1 - 2023-07-25

    As far as I am aware, it does not. Is it a problem to only display fixed asterisks?

    If you are looking at it to display the number of asterisks = characters entered, I believe you will need to use code to determine length of string entered and use this to display the correct number. There would be several ways to achieve this.

    I also believe the above (code to detect string length) would be the solution for the second question, I do no think there is a built in string length monitor, only the default (not) >255 characters.
    Again though I question the reasoning, if it is a password field, why does it matter a minimum length? If they enter it incorrectly, 1 character or 100, it is still wrong.

    • macros8 - 2023-07-26

      Hi ben,

      it is not a problem and I have used it. Just wanted know whether there is not any system solution instead of this workaround.

      The reason is for setting e.g. new password. Customers could have a possibility to adjust it but with define minimum length -> it´s quite general procedure when you create any account on the web pages etc.

      This brings me to another question, I faced.

      I have created button - Set password. As actions I use Execute ST-code as the first one and second one is Show dialog -> msg box.
      Unfortunately it seems that those actions are not synchronous, so the ST-Code script is not completed first and therefore the dialog does not show right String value which is generated in ST-Code above.

      In ST-Code I check the inputs of passwords and generate status accordingly. Then I´d like to show msg in dialog.

      Do you know how to handle that? It would be probably same for password length check script.
      (Maybe there is a chance to open dialog directly from ST-code).
      But still, I expect that those action are synchronous and are processed one by one.

      Thanks a lot.

  • ben1 - 2023-07-27

    Are you trying to handle your own password?
    There is a built in Visu user management option, this allows you to add access/visibility to a button. See snips.

    If you are wanting to handle it yourself, you can open a visu via code with the VisuElems.CurrentVisu parameter (needs to be turned on from Visualisation Manager) or open a dialog using the FbOpenDialog from the VisuUtils Library.

    • macros8 - 2023-07-28

      Hi ben1,

      I know about user management but in this case I just needed to set minimum number of chars for my input. This password handling is very simple (and we do not want to change it during conversion to Webvisu) and I´d like to know whether there is some system feature or I have to create it by my own.

      Thanks a lot.

      P.S. For user management I create a new topic. I have an issue that I cannot see User Tab :/


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