Create tools for webvisu : special lamp ?

  • galexis

    galexis - 2020-06-14

    Is it possible to create my special lamp for webvisu ?
    I want a special lamp:
    - 3 cercles with for each value of color
    - 1 value at the center
    - visibility parameter
    - function with mouse click.

    Now I do it with 2 cercles but it complicated.

    • sormec

      sormec - 2020-07-29

      Simply create 3 visualizations (one for each state). Then place a frame into the page you want to see that and assign the 3 visualizations you created. Fix the dimensions and assign a Switch variables. Handle the variable into your code.


    JAPIB - 2020-06-14


    I think you have two ways to do that :
    1°) Expensive solution : With "CODESYS Visual element toolkit" which can ordered via the 3S sales department.
    Expensive but more efficient, you can add a program to your object.

    2°) Free solution : With a visualization page with parameters
    - create a visualization page, called SpecialLamp (for example !), with several object : circle, text display, ...
    - define variables into the Interface Editor of this page.
    - use this variables to animate your objects.
    - put this page into a frame into the main visualization page where you want to use this special lamp,
    - set up this special object with your project's variables (References).

    I attach a small example.
    Hopefully this will meet your request.

    Best regards.

    • m.prestel

      m.prestel - 2020-06-15

      Best way is to use the frame concept and create the required look this way


    JAPIB - 2020-07-08

    Yes you can call a function.
    You also can simply replace a variable by an equation.
    For example, instead to use a variable for "change color" property, you can write something like that :
    iValeur1>=25 AND iValeur1<=241
    So you can avoid to create a special variable managed in a program module, it can be very usefull.

    But it can also make more difficult to understand a complete application, because the program is "hidden" in a lot of modules (PRG, FB, FUN) and in several visualization objects.


  • galexis

    galexis - 2020-06-15

    Thank you very much ! It works very well !!!!

  • galexis

    galexis - 2020-07-06

    Is it possible to put a small code into this frame ?
    If my_special_entry =3 then
    visibility := TRUE;
    text for bubble := "help texte";

    • loraul

      loraul - 2020-07-07

      one way is call a function from visualization. For example call external function from "Text variable" property of rectangle component.

      Best Regards

      • galexis

        galexis - 2020-07-07

        Thank you very much, I didn't know we can call function here !

  • galexis

    galexis - 2020-07-09

    Thank you very much!

    I want to compose a text for bubble information ( when mouse is on web symbole)) with 2 variables:
    " {Text dipense of list} {number}"

    I get only 1 part of this composed text: only text from TextList/variable or only number from variable INT


    Last edit: galexis 2020-07-09

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