Transparency of element rectangle works only in simulation not in WebVisu

  • markusef3 - 2023-01-18


    I would like to change the transparency value of a rectangle via the color variable during program execution.
    For this purpose I have selected the setting "Draw semi-transparent" in the visualization manager.
    Byte order of a color literal


    TT : 00 - FF // Transparency in 256 levels
    RR : 00 - FF // Red in 256 levels
    GG : 00 - FF // Green in 256 levels
    BB : 00 - FF // Blue in 256 levels

    When I run my program in simulation the transparency of the object changes as desired, but when I transfer the program to hardware I can change the color values, but changing the transparency has no effect.

    Things like clean everything up, recompile, different browsers, clear cache I have tried without success.

    Hardware is servo controller i950 from Lenze.
    Development environment is PLC-Designer from Lenze

    Translated with (free version)

  • markusef3 - 2023-01-19

    Additional info:
    When i load the program on the controller and open the webvisu via the development environment everything also works as desired.
    The problem only exists when I open the WebVisu via a browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome).

  • markusef3 - 2023-05-25

    Maybe somebody has new informations about this topic?


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