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Application Manager

This example shows how the “CmpApp” library can be used to retrieve information about projects and applications
as well as area addresses and sizes of data types.
It is also possible to control an application from within another application.

Product description

The use of the system library “CmpApp” is demonstrated. The library can retrieve information about projects and
applications as well as area addresses and sizes of data types.
Retain variables can be stored in files and it is possible to start, stop and reset an application from within another one.

More information

AppAreas: Different kinds of data like retain, input, output etc. are stored in certain areas of the PLC.
The addresses and sizes of each are retrieved. Depending on the PLC an area can handle different kinds of data.

AppInfo: To get information about an application, the respective one must be retrieved first.
One way to get a specific application is to sequentially go through all applications, starting with the first.
Another way is to fetch the current application or retrieve one by its specific name.
On the basis of this, additional information about applications and the projects can be retrieved.

AppInteract: Different actions like start, stop and reset can be controlled within a program.
To demonstrate this, App2 will be controlled by App1.

AppRetain: Retain variables can be saved and restored from a file. To restore them, the Pointer to the application
must be identical to the one the data was stored with.

ExceptionDuring_InitCode: An exception is generated in the FB_Init method of this function block.
When the FB is instantiated this exception is thrown and no code can be downloaded to the PLC.

Main: All programs are called from here. Additionally the above named exception can be thrown by uncommenting
the function block in the declaration editor.

PLC_PRG: A counter is included to see if the application was stopped or reset.

System requirements and restrictions

System requirements and restrictions Info
Programming System CODESYS Development System Version or higher
Runtime System CODESYS Control Version
Required Accessories -