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PLC Chat Net Base Services

Product description

The sample project consists of a server application and a client application with a visualization for each.
A client application communicates over the server application with another client application via TCP (Port 50000).
The connection can be made either encrypted or unencrypted.

Establishing an unencrypted TCP connection

An unencrypted connection can be established by deactivating the 'Encrypted' switch.
For the client and server application, the IP address of the server has to be specified in the 'IP Address' field.

Establishing an encrypted TCP connection

An encrypted connection can be established by activating the 'Encrypted' switch.
In this case, the server has to have stored the client certificates as trusted certificates.
The client applications each have to have stored the server certificate as trusted certificates.

Configuration of the certificates

  • Open the 'PLC Shell' of the device (client and server)
  • Enter the following command: cert-genselfsigned
  • Download and install the 'CODESYS Security Agent' tool from the CODESYS Store (see https://store.codesys.com/codesys-security-agent.html).
  • Open the 'Security Screen' view.
  • Select a specific certificate and save it to the PC.
  • Save the certificate of the client as trusted certificates of the server.
  • Save each certificate of the server as a trusted certificate of the client.
  • In the TCP_Client and TCP_Server programs, the info variable has to be set to the name (CN) of the specified certificate.

The 'Go Online' button can be used to activate the server and establish a connection from the clients to the server.

System requirements and restrictions

System requirements and restrictions Info
Programming System CODESYS Development System Version or higher
Runtime System CODESYS Control Version
Required Accessories -