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Dialog Box

This example demonstrates how to work with dialog boxes in the visualization.
The user can open a dialog box and enter some data. After closing the dialog box the data is stored
and displayed in the main window.

Product description

The visualization shows three variables which can be set via a dialog.
The "Open Dialog" button will open a dialog box. There the values can be set and saved.
Afterwards they are inserted into the main window.

More information

Main: This program only includes the variables which are displayed in the main window.

Visualization: The visualization consists of a main window and a dialog box where data values
can be set by the user. Under "Inputconfiguration" in the Properties editor of the "Open Dialog"
button the dialog visualization is selected to be opened by clicking the button.
The mapping of the variables from the dialog box to the main window is also done in the Properties Editor.

System requirements and restrictions

System requirements and restrictions Info
Programming System CODESYS Development System Version or higher
Runtime System CODESYS Control Version
Required Accessories -

Screenshot thumbnail
Screenshot of Visualization (My first Dialog)
Screenshot thumbnail
Screenshot of Visualization (Variables)