Welcome to our registry of open CODESYS Targets

This registry of projects is not meant for targets which are supported out-of-the-box by CODESYS. But targets and variants of targets which our users got working with few or more effort.

Either just post a success story as a short howto, or add some scripts, tools or drivers, which are essential to get it running.

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217 Projects

CODESYS Forge Logo


a tool for forge developers

CODESYS 4 Linux Logo


run CODESYS on wine


Project for I2C Modules from Horter und Kalb Modules

co♻e: unittest framework for CODESYS Logo

co♻e: unittest framework for CODESYS

Opensource IEC61131-3 unit-testing solution

co🔗e: A Linked List Solution Logo

co🔗e: A Linked List Solution

An open source linked list solution

JSON parsing and composing library Logo

JSON parsing and composing library

a library to parse and compose JSON strings from local variables

Notepad++ Structured Text Plugin Logo

Notepad++ Structured Text Plugin

A Notepad++ Structured Text User Defined Language Plugin

I/O Drivers Logo

I/O Drivers

I/O Driver Database and Templates

c2iec Logo


transpiler to convert ansii c-code to structured text


co⚡e: Sparkplug™ MQTT edge Logo

co⚡e: Sparkplug™ MQTT edge

CODESYS + MQTT + Sparkplug B = 'Plug & Play' IIoT

IEC Snippets Logo

IEC Snippets

IEC Code you can use in CODESYS

aliazzz Logo


Brains ... & Anything IEC61131-3

CSV_Write_read Logo


Write Read CSV Data

Machine Learning IEC Lib

Machine Learning IEC Lib

SimplePI Logo


PI Controller