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Ticket Workflow

The ticket system got a bit of a "workflow" support. There are buttons to quickly close or reopen tickets:

Have fun with it

Posted by 2019-07-05

Update to Allura v1.11

Allura v1.11

Today, we upgraded CODESYS Forge to Allura v1.11.

New features introduced with this update:

  • Adding reaction support for comments
  • Enable user mentions in markdown editor
Posted by 2019-06-19


Hi Guys!

You might have encountered a few "autoversioning commits" in the past. Autoversioning is an Apache SVN Feature, which allows standard WebDAV clients to edit content via WebDAV.

If you didn't use WebDAV in the past, don't worry, so didn't I. But it is a powerful protocol, which is supported by a wide range of tools. There is even support in Linux to mount such a folder. But this is a feature which I would not recommend to use in combination with autoversioning (later more on that).... read more

Posted by 2019-04-03 Labels: SVN Android Delta V WebDAV