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  • Posted a comment on discussion Visualization on CODESYS Forge

    I'm using version 3.5 SP15 p10 I have created a visualization screen that includes a trace object. I have added several variables to this trace. To make variable analysis easier, i wish I could display the variables in a multi-channel way like it can be selected (with right click) in a trace defined under an application in the engineering tool. did I missed something or is it really not possible to display a trace in multi-channel mode in a vizualisation. The only one alternative I found is to add...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Engineering on CODESYS Forge

    Dear forum members, I'm using the cmpTraceMgr library and could record and store some variables/signals during execution of my IEC application for debugging purpose. The data are available in a file on the SD card of my PLC. Now, I would like to display them somehow. I originally thought to load them into a trace by using 'Load trace menu'. Unfortunately, the file saved with cmpTraceMgr library doesn't have .trace format. Is there a way to store recordings in .trace format with cmpTraceMgr library...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Deutsch on CODESYS Forge

    Hallo Ich habe ähnliches Problem mit cmpTraceMgr (CmpTraceMgr.TraceMgrPacketStore) und Codesys 3.5.P15. Die gespeicherte Datei enthält keine Daten (nur den Header). Wüsstet ihr ob, das Problem beseitigt ist ? Wenn ja in welcher Version Vielen Danke Grüzi

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