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  • Posted a comment on discussion Engineering 🇬🇧 on CODESYS Forge

    Hi Everyone, I have been looking for some good industrial remote io i can used with my raspberry Pi4 running CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi MC SL. It had to be small as i dont have much space.I found the ADAM-6200 fits the bill. Its a little bit more than i was hoping to spend but is super compact and full of features. Can anyone see a reason why it wouldnt work with the raspberry pi? you can get an Ethernet/ip version and Modbus. Thanks in advance Paul R

  • Posted a comment on discussion Runtime 🇬🇧 on CODESYS Forge

    It just seems odd to me that for all the advantages the BBB has over the raspberry pi for industrial use, more company’s pick the raspberry pi over the BBB to develop industrial boards for. Both widgetlords and sequent picked the raspberry pi but I’m yet to find anyone making industrial io for the BBB. I’m hoping with more development there will be enough company’s making ‘ plug and play’ boards for the BBB more like a plc that can be used with Codesys. Thanks again for info.

  • Posted a comment on discussion Runtime 🇬🇧 on CODESYS Forge

    Hi Morberis, thanks for the feed back. You covered alot of the things i have been looking at with the Sequent Microsystems and Widget Lord's add ons. While the Rasberry pi and beaglebone are really good options they just dont seem to be quite there for real industrial applications without alot of add on, as much as i would love them to be for the price alone. The only thing i found that was alot cheaper and is an actual plc was the 'Click' range of PLC's that dont support Codesys. They do their own...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Runtime 🇬🇧 on CODESYS Forge

    Hi Everyone. Im hoping for some advice. I am looking to start a project that im hoping to eventually use is an industrial manner. Im currently looking at using the softplc with beaglebone enhanced or biting the bullet and using CODESYS Control SL with a wago field bus. The second option is alot more expensive but seems to be a little more plug and play and is a lot more industrial. While the beagle Board is alot cheaper its still quite expensive when i add up every thing i need and then may move...

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