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    Thanks very much for the suggestion. We will give this a try and let you know how it works. ENCODER WHEEL - Funny you should ask! We are actually trying to help a customer eliminate the use of an ENCODER WHEEL and an expensive encoder input module. Trying to simplify their design.

  • Posted a comment on discussion Forge 🇬🇧 on CODESYS Forge

    We have an interesting application challenge. It's for an application that won't allow for an external mouse, keyboard or use of the touchscreen of my HMI to change the data in an input data field on our HMI. We will have to use physical pushbuttons, or maybe a selector switch hardwired to the PLC. We need the following functionality ... STEP 1 - SCREEN NAVIGATION - Based on the value of the data in the PLC INPUT IMAGE table (created by the hardwired pushbutton input to PLC), this will cause our...

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