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This driver supports the data logger, called "D-Logg" from the austrian company Technische Alternative. Those data loggers are used to read sensor and process data from their own proprietary controllers. Those controllers are typically used in heating systems, so you can read the temperatures, state of the actors and data about the power of the solar system.

The driver supports the USB version of the devices, but AFAIK the protocol of the TCP version is very similar.


You need to attach the D-Logg to the USB port of your device. When you are using a Linux based controller, like the Raspberry Pi, you might need to adapt the config file of the CODESYS runtime, that the USB device is found as a serial port.

On the Pi, the USB device is called /dev/ttyUSB0. So you need to add the following entry to your config:



After installation, the driver can be used as easy as every other I/O driver in CODESYS. Add D-Logg to your device tree, and you can map the sensor values as inputs.