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This is a collection of legacy I/O drivers for the Raspberry Pi, in the version, as they were released in V3.5 SP13. Until then, they were developed as part of the Raspberry Pi package. But most of them was always partly or fully compatible with other PLCs.

Installation / Usage

In V3.5 SP13 and before, the drivers were part of the standard Raspberry Pi package. So you don't need to install anything if you have one of these versions of this package installed.

Starting with V3.5 SP14, those drivers need to be installed separately. You can easily download and install the package using the download or install links above.

Open Source

All drivers, which are published here have always been provided in source form, thus only few people were aware of that and used it to study some concepts of CODESYS.

With opening them to the public, we want to provide all of you some good examples for some basic I/O drivers, and invite you to contribute improvements bug fixes and new features for the drivers.


This set of legacy drivers was written for the Raspberry Pi, and only tested there. When you port or extend the driver to be used on a wider range of platforms, or you port it to a better driver interface, feel free to create a new project as a fork of one of the specific drivers.

This makes sense, as drivers, which are under active development should get their own projects with bug tracking, in depth documentation, and so on, while others are just provided as reference.

List of known forks