#77 Download missing device descriptions and libraries from forge


Using this mechanism (https://help.codesys.com/webapp/_cds_dlg_options_dev_descr_download;product=codesys;version=, we should be able to download missing device descriptions from forge.codesys.com by adding an entry to the options dialog of the IDE.
A similar mechanism should be used for downloading missing libraries.


  • Ingo

    Ingo - 2020-01-15

    Hi Ian,

    great idea!
    The only problem I see is the responsibility. And resulting from this security concerns.

    The reason is, that I expect, that it makes more sense to have a global repository for forge instead of having those for each project. But if we do so, the way to publish libraries and devices needs to be defined, as well as a concept to maintain the publishing rights. As long as this concept is not set, we can't start.

  • aliazzz

    aliazzz - 2020-01-17

    Sorry I don't agree on the idea. Some software or driver might not be as stable as the devices provided by third part hardware developers (which is understandable and agreeable)
    Downloading and using of these devicedrivers/software is on your ow risk. Therefore have a central device repo of cForge devices can put users on the wrong foot by implicating that they might get a 'bug free' experience.

    I'd rather see that we (cForge users) can develop cForge hosted packages with 'auto-update' mechanism available like in the Codesys Store. This so that whenever we publish an update, people can auto-update their packages without extra effort.

    • i-campbell

      i-campbell - 2020-01-17

      aliazzz, I see your point but I think the two ideas are valid. Package Manager being able to update third party package repositories needs a change in CODESYS. As it is not a bug but a feature, the absolute earliest possible is SP16 in May 2020.

      Your point about hardware developers I think could only apply to devices, right? Because with libraries, the download link includes Library Title / Author / Version, so there is no way for the i-campbell developed lib in forge to be overwritten by the similarly named Eaton lib, for example.

      Maybe to start, only the vendor ID 500 devices can be added to the global repository.

      I think the people who manually add the forge.codesys.com link to their options will know that it is open source. A good point though that we must include such a notice in the wiki for how to add this link.

      • i-campbell

        i-campbell - 2020-01-17

        Oh, just realised you meant a package update mechanism separate to the one in CODESYS IDE > tools > package manager

        Let me think more about that and respond with more thoughts.


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