Force Crash

  • Simon61131

    Simon61131 - 2019-07-01


    I am searching errors in our ECU code. Allegedly the ECU crashes every once in a while. I have created some diagnostic source, which I would like to test. Therefore I want to let the ECU crash.

    Is there an (easy) way to let the ECU crash explicitly?
    (Division by zero didn't work -> "inf". How about pagefaults?)

    Best regards and thanks in advance

  • Simon61131

    Simon61131 - 2019-07-02

    This worked for me:

       test_byte: BYTE :=5;
       test_crash: POINTER TO BYTE;
    test_crash := 16#FF88FF12;
  • e.kislov

    e.kislov - 2019-07-02

    Or one line less:

       test_byte: BYTE;
       test_crash: POINTER TO BYTE;
       test_byte := test_crash^;
  • Simon61131

    Simon61131 - 2019-07-02

    That didn't work for me...


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