Assign Initial Value of Array of Byte

  • pmcmahon

    pmcmahon - 2019-03-08

    CoDeSys v2.3 on an IFM CR0403 basic controller

    Still very new to codesys so bear with me. I'm trying to assign an initial value to an array of bytes. I've tried a few things but i'm clearly missing something. Ultimately, i want to bring in the 8 byte data field of a CAN message and apply a bit mask with a second array to isolate the information i'm looking for. Whenever I try to assign the initial value of the array i get an error upon building that says "Erroneous initial value". I've tried typing out the individual bits, assigning in hex values using 16#FF, and just the decimal translation of the binary or hex value i need. Nothing works.

    Help please!

    RX65265: ARRAY [1..8] OF BYTE := [8 (11111111)];
    MASK: ARRAY [1..8] OF BYTE;
    PBHEX: ARRAY [1..8] OF BYTE;

    ( RX65265 := [16#D6, 16#5F, 6 (16#FF)]; )
    ( MASK := [16#0C, 7 (16#FF)]; )

    PBHEX := RX65265 AND MASK

  • Comingback4u

    Comingback4u - 2019-03-08

    Have you tried:

        RX65265: ARRAY [1..8] OF BYTE := [8(2#11111111)];

    Not sure how the space is handled between the "8 (" so I removed it.

    Ultimately this should work also:

        RX65265: ARRAY [1..8] OF BYTE := [16#D6, 16#5F, 6 (16#FF)];

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