GUI issues

  • Michael - 2005-04-26


    I used to get this problem A LOT but it hasn't been an issue for a while. Often when editing a project the GUI gets corrupted and requires the computer to be restarted. This only happens when running CoDeSys and affects the rest of windows.

    I've attached a screen capture.

    My machine details are as follows:

    Windows XP SP1

    Intel P4, 3 GHz

    512 MB RAM (shared with graphics adaptor)

    On board video (82865G)

    Directx 8.1

    CoDeSys version

    Does anyone else experiance this problem ?



    IMG: codesys GUI.jpg

  • Anonymous - 2005-04-26

    Originally created by: Gast

    The version you use, is about 2 years old. Since then we fixed a lot of bugs and did a lot of changes that might affect this behavior. I would recommend you to download the current version and try again.

  • Michael - 2005-04-26

    I suspected that could be the case but unfortunately we cannot upgrade due to the backwards compatibility issues I raised in my other post.



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