Inverse PID Function Block

  • loops1988

    loops1988 - 2016-06-03

    Dear All,
    As titled, may i know how to make PID function works in inverse mode? I would like to make a PID blower control where the set value is wind pressure. In normal mode, blower speed need faster to make higher pressure. But when i select reverse mode, blower speed need slower to make higher pressure. In Tia portal , there is a bit for reverse mode. So i wonder whether reverse mode is available in CoDeSys or not. I had been searched in internet about the method but no result. Hope you all can help me about this. Thank you

  • shooter

    shooter - 2016-06-05

    what PID function is used.
    when you make the P action negative it will work.

    This is standard theory.

  • fnomendes

    fnomendes - 2020-10-19

    Very good, worked well on my application only, set P as negative value to invert the control of the PID function block.


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