Missing 'open from plc' selection button

  • paul hindle

    paul hindle - 2018-03-19

    I am using V2.3 and yesterday had to re-install windows 10. Since then I am missing the 'open from plc' selection button - see attached file.

    I have tried different versions of V2.3 as well as different screen resolutions and text sizing, but all to no avail. Everything was working fine before re-installing windows so I am assuming there are some missing C++ files or equivalent.

    Any help would be appreciated.



    IMG: codesys missing open from PLC button.PNG

  • maniek765

    maniek765 - 2018-04-03

    can't you downgrade to Win7 or at least run a VM?

  • paul hindle

    paul hindle - 2018-05-02

    Many thanks - it works ok with a VM, but it had worked for more than a year with Windows 10 without issue. It was only after needing to re-install - essentially an 'out of the box' re-install due to Windows crashing during an update - that the radio button disappeared.

    Will continue with the VM although it is not as convenient due to screen resolution issues (I am using a Microsoft Surface Book and the screen resolution is not always good at handling the older non-Microsoft apps)


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