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How to edit TCP and creat *.trg file?

  • Akisawa

    Akisawa - 2009-08-23

    hello every one:

    I want to creat .trg file myself,but i do not know what editor and format of .trg file?

    please help me,thank you!

  • RolandWagner

    RolandWagner - 2009-08-26


    the creation of *.trg files is only possible for direct OEM customers of 3S-Smart Software Solutions. The reason therefore is that it contains information on the target settings, that only the manufacturer of the device may know.

    So in case you are an OEM customer you can directly contact the project engineer which is your contact person for the implementation of the runtime system. He will provide you with the necessary equipment to generate *.trg files.

    In case you are no OEM customer please understand that this is not possible for you in order to protect you and your machines from unintended behaviour which may happen when changing the target file.

  • Akisawa

    Akisawa - 2009-08-29

    I see,thank you。

  • sayedali064

    sayedali064 - 2021-05-18

    Codesys 2.3 supported 8051 so how to add this target platform(Codesys for 8051) OR how to purchase this target.


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