shox - 2021-02-13

IΒ΄m using Codesys 2.3 with an 750-880 PLC and trying to access Wago I/O modules 750-430 and 750-530 by BYTE/WORD variable (or maybe an array), unsure if itΒ΄s possible or maybe i am doing it wrong!
The DI has adress %IX8.0 to %IX8.7 resp. DO %QX4.0 to %QX4.7 whitch is an BYTE, is it possible to write/read an BYTE variable to the output resp input, or maybe assign it to and BOOL array, if so what would the approche be?

I have made an declaration of
bTest AT %QB4 : BYTE;
And then trying to do
bTest := 123;

Even tryed just declaring
bTest: BYTE;
And then
%QB4 := bTest;

But unfortunately it does not work, both options get no build error but the I/O module does not respond.
I even tried to move "bTest AT% QB4: BYTE" to Global variables but it makes no difference either.

I am unsure if this works in Codesys 2.3 and/or 750-880, since i do not see the %QB4 under the device in the PLC_config tab?

Any pointers to doing this the right way would be appreciated!


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