Gyzmologist - 2016-07-14

I am new to CoDeSys and J1939, but have been programming controllers and PLCs for a long time.

I am trying to receive messages from a joystick, but I'm not getting an address match (RX_SingleFrame.AddressMatch = false).

The header looks like this: 0x0CFDD633, which is a PGN of 0xFDD6, and an SA of 0x33, correct? Here's how I have PGN_Register set up:

i_CanDrvNbr: 1
i_PGN: 16#FDD6
i_DA: 5
o_Element: {blank}

Here's how RX_SingleFrame is set up:

i_Enable: true
i_Element: WJSL_PGN.o_Element
i_Timeout: T#250ms
i_CanDrvNbr: 1

Here's what the data looks in CANmoon:
0xCFDD633 01 00 01 00 FF 00 FF FF

What tools can I use to troubleshoot this?