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store trend data in the PLC - How to use it (Codeys

  • Easytherm

    Easytherm - 2009-02-15

    I need to display some trend data using the trend HMI element. It works fine either in HMI ou web-visu mode.

    The question is, the display starts with an empty display every time I restart the visualisation. In fact, I want to connect to the PLC from time to time and watch the last period of time.

    So I checked on the "store trend data in the PLC" option, in the target settings-visualization options. The ringbuffer TREND_TASK is correctly generated, as explained in the online help.

    I imagined this task stores the data in the PLC, just for my purpose! In fact, I see no difference at all: every time I reconnect to the PLC, the trend displays at first an empty x/t grid, filling it as time goes on.

    My target is a Wago 750-873.

    What is the intended function of the "store trend data in the PLC" option?

    Remark: I don't want to send the data over the network because I can't guarantee it's always ON. Is it possible to work in that configuration?In the trend configuration, the "recording option" is set to online. I tried to set it to "History" without configuring a filename, but CoDeSys crashes by saving the project.

    Thanks a lot for any help

  • marcs

    marcs - 2022-04-07

    Hello good afternoon, excuse me I would like to ask for your help to be able to visualize the history of trends in visu web, I don't know how to configure the software to save data in the plc, and see the history in the visu web.


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