VRI - 2018-05-17

Hi, I am studying the CodeSys IDE and I started with the 2.3 version because I have a target in my lab with wich I can test it for "real".
I would like to have a confirmation from you, CodeSys professional developer, about alarms handling.
I understood that:

- I can define the type of alarms: for example blocking, not-blocking, warning, emergency, low priority, high priority
- I can define the action to perform: visualization, email, log etc.
- I can define the type of ACK

- I can define alarms groups, refered to the particular application, like: motor failure, some electronic device (like inverter) failure, safety failure, high-low temp failure
- I can define which variables to monitoring and how to monitor it

In your applications, do you usually use them in this way? Or, you do not use the "Alarm manager" and you create it yourself for example with a dedicated POU?

Many thanks for sharing your experience