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  • aussie

    aussie - 2006-03-04

    Is it possible to make a PLC programmed with CoDeSys and having an ethernet port talk to AllenBradley on Ethernet/IP; ie is there any library that can handle Ethernet/IP? I found a library for ModbusTCP can anyone out there help me with EthernetIP?

  • ndzied1

    ndzied1 - 2006-03-10

    I'd like to know the answer to this also.


  • B.Roth

    B.Roth - 2006-04-28


    to create own Ethernet-Communication there is a lib called syslibsockets.lib and depending of your target a lib called TcpUdpLib.lib

    ask for examples a the 3S-support :=)


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