Initial System Startup PLC-WAGO

  • sanchez9457

    sanchez9457 - 2018-08-17


    First time posting. Just had a general question. Wanted to see what ideas i could get for my code.

    I have the following issue:
    I have a pump that i install on my system with tubing x feet long that pulses out some liquid. When i start up my system i want to run the pump for x seconds to purge out air in the line. This is only done once. This means when i first install my pump, i purge out the air in the line for x seconds and never again even if my system is rebooted (memory retained). How would you guys approach this?

    You time and effort is much apprecited


  • espenbo

    espenbo - 2018-09-29


    I would do somthing like thise

    PROGRAM Tempratur_320_01
       iINIT_Bac_alarm            : INT;      (*Sends values at startup, one time*)
    IF iINIT_Bac_alarm = 0 THEN
    (*Enable high og Low i tempfølere*)
    ZSK300E_320_001_RT401_PV.Limit_Enable.highLimitEnable      := TRUE;
    (*Set alarmtext and type in bacnet variable*)
    ZSK300E_320_001_RT401_PV_H_AL.Active_Text             :='Høy alarm';
    ZSK300E_320_001_RT401_PV_H_AL.Inactive_Text             :='Ikke alarm';
    ZSK300E_320_001_RT401_PV_H_AL.Notify_Type             := Bacnet_alarm;
    iINIT_Bac_alarm := +1 ;

    On the first run iNIT_Bac_alarm variable is 0. And the IF sentence is true.
    It goes true what should be set and last sets the iNIT_Bac_alarm variable to +1. Then it would not be true before it's set to 0 the next time it's reset.

    Hope it helps



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