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Version control (ENI): additional systems, open interface?

  • JoWe

    JoWe - 2005-05-04

    Hello together,

    I found the the following information on the S3-Website concerning the ENI ( http://www.3s-software.com/index.shtml?ENI ):

    Supported Data Base Systems:
    The server concept lets the user put a common data base on a remote computer. By default the ENI Server supports a local file system as well as the data base systems 'Visual SourceSafe 6.0', 'MKS Source Integrity' and 'PVCS Version Manager' V7.5 and higher.
    Of course there is always the possibility to customize the ENI Server to other data base systems. For a detailed description see the ENI Driver Development Kit β€” Programmer's Guide.

    I would like to connect our CoDeSys system to another version control system (it's Subversion). This is not supported by default, reading the above text I figured that I can develop an interface on my own. The introduction of another version control system is not possible as the majority of the (C-)developers in our firm is using subversion and we don't want to have two parallel systems.

    It looks like a prorietary interface as well as an open one as it's supported by several firms:

    Beckhoff has some information, even about support of CVS: http://www.beckhoff.com/german/default. ... at/eni.htm

    ELAU has some info: http://www.elau.de/Rahmen.asp?Knoten=940

    Now I have the following questions:

    Why is it not possible to get the mentioned "ENI Driver Development Kit - Programmer's Guide" neither in the download area nor by asking the support people? They say that they don't send it to customers. Does anybody have this document or information about this issue?

    Does anybody have already made some adaption to another system?

    Is there any further description of the interface?

    Any further information would be nice,

    Jochen Wendebaum

  • Stefanie

    Stefanie - 2005-05-24

    Dear Mr. Wendebaum,

    We offer data base drivers for our ENI interface at a price of EUR 2,500. Yet, this product is not purchased very often as one customized driver is delivered along with the ENI-Server and most customers do not need more than one driver. Of course those of our customers working with the ENI-Server can perform adaptations themselves; this has however only happed once up to now. Most companies prefer to buy the adaptation from us. The description of the interface is not openly available as we believe this would generate many support requests.

    If a specific ENI driver is needed the best thing to do is to contact us directly (for example under e k.kerscher@3s-software.com e ).

    A CVS adaptation from 3S is already available. Yet the CVS interface demands constant starting and ending of the CVS process. The overhead generated by this procedure leads to a very bad performance (approx. 1-2 seconds per operation = call/check-in/check-out one POU), which is why we do not recommend using CVS.

    Should you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

    Best regards from Kempten,


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