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Visu buttons action work with mouse click but not with touch actions

  • cosomos205

    cosomos205 - 2018-08-06


    Visu buttons action work with mouse click but not with touch in Microsoft surface pad or surface book touch screen.

    Is anyone having the same problem ?? I did not find any solutions for that...

    Thanks for your feedback.

    BR, Thierry

  • RoryLDM

    RoryLDM - 2019-12-23

    Unfortunately I'm no help.

    I used to have a Microsoft surface but the touchscreen worked perfectly for interacting with buttons. This was with 3.5.11. Worked fine in both the webvisu as well as codesys.

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2019-12-24

    Does changing the Multitouch setting of your Visualization Manager help?

    https://help.codesys.com/webapp/_visu_o ... n=
    "Activate multitouch handling
    At runtime, the visualization expects user input by means of gesture recognition and touch events.

    Affected elements

    Elements with input configuration
    Element type Frame
    Element type Tab control"


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