IFM CR0401 & CR0452: Network Variable; Setup from IFM Templates

  • ragrgsby

    ragrgsby - 2019-07-21


    I am trying to use templates supplied by IFM, for the CR0401 Controller and CR0452 Display to communicate between the two devices, via CAN channel 1, thru the use of network variables. I am somewhat lost in this process and looking for some guidance in establishing the link between the two devices. I would be thrilled to get this system to the point where I could have what I would consider the basic I/O, from each device, visible in a shared variable list. It seems like half of the work is there, from the templates, however maybe i have something off or didn't complete all of the necessary settings, within in Codesys, to properly establish the link.

    While the System Manual for both the CR0452 and CR0401 both state that Network variables are supported, in CoDeSys I do not see the check box for Network Variables (see image 1). The lack of this prevents me from using guides I have found to setup network variable list.

    I have both devices wired on the same bus with 120 ohm EOL resistors. On the CR0401 the CR0452 is wired into the CAN 1 channel. Both devices are operating at 250k with the download id at 125 for the CR0452 and 127 for Channel 1 of CR0401. I can load the Master template to the CR0452 and Slave template to the CR0401 via a CAN-USB tool successfully with the wiring as described.

    Any guidance in this effort would be much appreciated.


    IMG: 2.jpg

    IMG: 1.jpg

  • allequip

    allequip - 2020-09-24

    I hope all is well.
    Where you able to solve this? I am facing a similar issue


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