CoDeSys 2.3 Gateway troubble after installing IndraWorks 13V12

  • GunnarK

    GunnarK - 2016-12-19

    When I download my project from CoDeSys 2.3 to the PLC during loggin I also download a symbol file.

    After i Installed Bosch Rexroth IndraWorks 13V12 I had problem with the gateway. The symbol file and the Default.PRG file is not downloaded. I get the Error message "The last online service has not been executed correctly! Service Number: 48, Error number: 80, File Default.PRG could not be written."

    When I install the Gateway program on a remote computer, then the symbol file and the Default.PRG file is downloaded.

    The troubble started when I installed IndraWorks.

    Any ideeas?

  • shooter

    shooter - 2016-12-26

    as you well know, both are codesys products, so the driver is different, but the main program is the same.
    You can only have 1 codesys on your computer.


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