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  • alverman

    alverman - 2017-05-24

    Good morning,
    I would have a question for you:
    Is there a way to have a conception that opens and then closes when the program starts on the plc?
    In my project I have 4 OSCAT timers that at a certain time perform an operation only that every time the application loads on the plc the timers leave.
    I would like to create a denied contact that at startup interrupts the timer output to say 5 seconds and then closes.

    it's possible ?

    Thank you, Alberto

  • Anonymous - 2017-09-24

    Originally created by: scott_cunningham

    I see you never received an answer. Hopefully you solved this. Otherwise my idea:

    Define another timer for 5 seconds and call it all the time.

       BootDone : TON;
     BootDone(IN:=TRUE, PT:=T#5S);
     IF BootDone.Q THEN
        //ok to use other timer values now

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