sampling of parameters every six hours

  • amin-4545

    amin-4545 - 2009-03-09

    Is there any setting which enables PLC XC201-EC512-8DI-6DO-XC to automatically store the values of some parameters as a text or other formats inside the PLC at interval? for instance sampling of parameters every six hours.

  • shooter

    shooter - 2009-06-17

    make a task every six hours and put the parameters into the markermemory

  • spfeif

    spfeif - 2009-06-17

    Tomasz is correct you have to do this yourself. Look at the SysLibFile.lib. You can save it to the MMC memory card I believe. I posted the library help here.

    SysLibFile.pdf [79.72 KiB]

  • aieser

    aieser - 2020-04-24

    Does anyone have the Codesys SysLibFile.lib file to share?


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