Project Login Problem

  • sachinsadbhaye - 2021-08-26

    Hi Everyone !!!
    I am facing some problem while booting project
    Showing following error
    1.The file 'FlecConf.ini.' could not be sent!
    2.The file 'Config.ccf:' could not be sent!
    Kindly guide me if anyone having idea about this error

    Thank You!!

  • filippo - 2022-05-20

    Any help or news on how you solved this issue?

  • willbechel - 2024-02-01

    I saved it as the same project but in a different location.
    I opened this "new project".
    I clicked on the "Direct Login from Automation Builder" button.
    It automatically directed me to CODESYS, where I was able to create the "Create Boot Project" but first I also clicked login again but inside CODESYS keeping the automation builder login online.

    Additional Information:

    The "Create Boot Project" function in CODESYS is used to create a project that will automatically start when the controller is booted up.
    To create a boot project, you must first create a new project in CODESYS.
    Once you have created a new project, you can then use the "Create Boot Project" function to create a boot application.
    The "Create Boot Project" function will create a new application that is based on the current project.
    The new application will be saved in the same location as the current project.
    You can then download the new application to the controller.


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