Working CodeSys 2.3 Examples to learn from please

  • JayDeeTech

    JayDeeTech - 2020-01-12

    Very much a Noob with Codesys, our target EPEC 3606 ecu requires v2.3 to be used. I am working though some documentation to try to get to grips with the basics but most examples seem to be in V3.5.
    Does anyone have some good engineering examples using V2.3 and in FBD language? I find it helps to follow through some existing programs from others..
    Some basic projects you may have worked on or anything to help show me the way really.

    Initially I just looking at good practice for handling Analogue and digital inputs... Switched and PWM outputs, with a bit of plain CAN I/O (rather than CANopen or other higher layer standards)

    A vague request I know but many examples on forums are of non working programs people need help with so not always the best to learn from!
    Thanks for any help. J.

  • sgronchi

    sgronchi - 2020-01-13

    Hi JayDee, I work for an Epec partner (although that can help only with hardware interfacing, unrelated for Codesys programming in general).
    For FBD, you can try to use the examples in v3.5. If I recall correctly, it is only a bit more inconvenient to place blocks in 2.3 than in 3.5, but otherwise they are basically the same (long time I used FBD of 2.3 due to these irks), so you can use the 3.5 tutorials.

  • JayDeeTech

    JayDeeTech - 2020-01-13

    Thanks, I'll give that a try.
    I've worked with plenty of non-industrial programmable controllers so I did not think it would be this clunky an enviroment but codesys seems to take a very different approach and to be honest i've been quite disheartened so far, I've been working away for a few days with very limited success, everything seems to throws errors, libraries have lots of clashed, supposed new hardware will only work with the older version..etc. Its been a painful week. The lack of info to get started and learn has really surprised me.

    I went back to the hardware supplier and asked if their engineers had any suitable examples I could learn from... apparently not. Their tool does create a structured 'blank' canvas but when they cant even supply a few does not look good for future support. currently they have suggested an online tutorial for 1000 euro but cant even tell me if that is for version 2.3 or 3.5!

    But many thanks for your advise... I'll install 3.5, load a few examples and see if I can replicate in 2.3
    Thanks, J.

  • sgronchi

    sgronchi - 2020-01-14

    Yes, IEC 61131 programming paradigm is very different from others. I think you will be more confortable programming in ST (Structured Text) for your first times, but please take time to learn also the others (Ladder to a desktop / embedded programmer seems an ugly language, but when you learn it and in what situations it shines you realize you were plenty wrong).

    Nonetheless, I feel obliged to say that I never encountered "lots of library clashes" with Epec. Also they recommend, on the 3606 manual

    The reason they use 2.3 on the 3606 is that its CPU does not run 3.5. More powerful CPUs like those of 5050, EC44, XS6C and the 6000 series run 3.5, but they are more expensive (some significantly). But, except the ugly UI, Codesys 2.3 works well and it is very robust (other than not being a resource hog like 3.5 IDE...).

  • sgronchi

    sgronchi - 2020-01-16

    JayDeeTech hat geschrieben:
    Thanks, J.
    I am still willing to help you making your project work, if you want.


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