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Request for Assistance with Online Logic Changes in PLC System using Codesys

  • nilesh - 2024-03-01

    Dear Sir,

    We are writing to seek guidance regarding our current situation with the Opto 22 Groov EPIC PR1 PLC system. Over the past year, we have successfully downloaded and implemented logic using Codesys, and the PLC has been operational without issues.

    However, we now require minor modifications to the logic. Despite attempting to upload the modified logic, we are unable to see the "online change" option, prompting us to consider a direct logic download.

    Our concern is that during this process, certain digital outputs or analog outputs might momentarily disrupt operations, which is unacceptable given the system's continuous 24x7 operation. We have explored online changes in other PLC systems, but due to the absence of the last downloaded backup, we are unable to proceed confidently.

  • ademarvribeiro - 2024-04-10

    Bom dia.
    Voce ja tentou fazer o upload do PLC e depois ficar online, pra ver se ocorre o mesmo erro?
    Good morning.
    Did you try to upload program from PLC, and tem goes online?


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