trifonovs - 2012-08-28

I have the following problem. I use a PLC (with CoDeSys V2.3) like a CAN Master and Some slaves are connected to it. There are configured some event PDOs. When the system starts, the CAN Master (PLC) sends NMT command for switching to operational state. Immediately after it (I have measured about 100us time) the event PDOs are sent. But the Slaves are still not switched to operational state (they need at least 1-2ms time to react on the NMT command). That's why the first event PDOs are ignored from the Slaves. When the PDOs are sent later, because the data has changed, they are correctly received. This is a problem, because the Slaves doesn't know the initial state of the transported via the event PDOs data. Is there any chance to set a delay between the NMT command and the first sending of the event PDOs?